Total Energy Management Energy Services

Deregulation Watch

Local, State, Federal and International deregulation activity monitor. Analysis and evaluation of the impact of deregulation/ unbundling on local and global energy demand and supply, availability, stability and pricing.

Energy Audits

Identification of energy conservation and optimum utilization techniques and opportunities in educational, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.  Evaluation of fuel switching potentials.   Short term and long term fuel supply contract negotiation.  Energy bill auditing for errors.  Tariff interpretation for favorable rate structure.

Demand side management/Peak shaving.

Energy bill disaggregation, audits and tariff interpretations for best rates.

Demand Side Management

Design, implementation, and evaluation of demand side management programs.  Energy and demand monitor for power quality assessment and peak shaving opportunities.  Energy data collection and analysis for strategic planning.

Energy Price Forecasting

Energy (oil, gas, coal, and electricity) price forecasting.

Energy price dynamics and risk assessment.

Weather risk assessment.  Short term and long term energy pricing mechanisms - fixed and index linked pricing, futures and options.

Utility Services

Regulatory support services - testimony preparation, expert witness in annual rate filings at state and federal levels.  Gas supply, capacity, and strategic planning for local distribution companies.

Mergers, acquisitions and the impact of international public utility reform and deregulation.  Asset management (capacity release, storage arbitrage, and supply management).  Design of utility unbundling pilot programs.  Policy formulation and interpretation.

Special Studies

Co-generation feasibility studies. International socio-political energy supply/demand balance analysis.

Integrated resource planning study, deregulation impact studies.  Environmental impact and technology assessment studies.  Benchmarking studies and other energy related studies.

Demand Forecasting

Electricity and Gas load aggregation and demand forecasting.  Pooling, load balancing (daily, monthly, quarterly or annual)

Performance Contracting

Energy efficiency including lighting retrofits, HVAC improvement, energy management and control system improvement/upgrade.  Analysis of options and implementation of support services.   Evaluation of independent power generation (on site generation, micro turbines, fuel cells).


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