Energy Services

Do you know how much energy you use?  Do you know how you are using the energy?  Do you know how you are paying for the energy?  Are you able to pinpoint potential areas of energy savings?   Are you aware of impending deregulation and are you poised for a strategic exploitation of deregulation?   If your answer to any of these questions is NO, then FOB GROUP through its total energy management service can help you take control of your energy needs.
We provide the following energy services: energy audits, energy analysis, special studies, energy efficient lighting design and installation, energy deregulation monitoring, utility /regulatory services, policy analysis, oil and gas demand and price balance.   Energy supply and demand risk analysis.


Engineering - Technology Services

We are living in a dynamic technology environment.  For a company to compete and win, it must be on the cutting edge of today's technology advancement.  It is therefore imperative for a company to invest in the appropriate technology needed to achieve optimal efficiency.
We provide customized technical and consulting services in telecommunications, renewable energy and co-generation technology, radio and television broadcast, distributed generation, environmental engineering, billing and metering technology, and customized web development.   We specialize in the assessment and ultimate transfer of appropriate, and cost-effective technologies to developing and underdeveloped countries.


Software Solutions

We specialize in custom software creation and support, LAN & WAN integration, manufacturing execution systems, web and telephone based support service.


Nutrition and Health Services

Our passion for health and nutrition education is the driving force behind our nutrition and health services programs.  While our programs are not targeted toward particular demographics or socio-economic groups, we design and customize programs to meet you individual needs.
We provide group and individual nutrition and health counseling, health awareness workshops, needs assessment and program evaluation, health risk appraisal, lifestyle improvement classes/workshops and other epidemiological studies.




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