Engineering - Technology Transfer Services

Technology Assessment

Technical evaluation of the feasibility of the potential transfer of proven US technologies to developing and under developed countries in the areas of telecommunications - state of the art technology evaluation, design, installation and maintenance.  Renewable energy technology - evaluation, design, installation and maintenance.  Energy management and control technologies - evaluation, design, installation and maintenance.  Co-generation technologies - feasibility, design and installation (micro turbines, fuel cells).

Evaluation of distributed generation and other rural electrification projects.   Metering and billing technologies - Automatic meter readers, customer information and billing system evaluation and recommendation E-commerce technology evaluation and assessment.   Web development for small, medium and big business.  Acting as commissioned agent for appropriate technology procurement.

Equipment inspection, shipping and insurance.  Competitive pricing, reliability and warranties inspection.  Acting as liaison for joint ventures/partnerships.

Manufacturer's Representative for Export Opportunities to Developing Countries

Export promoter of applicable technology and products
Exploring new market opportunities in developing countries
Conducting need assessment and market expansion studies

Radio and Television Broadcast Management Consulting Services

Broadcast equipment procurement and installation
Broadcast coverage feasibility studies
New age (modern) broadcast techniques and management
Television and radio broadcast ancillary services


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